Bits in the Machine

A Time Capsule of Worker's Stories in the Age of Generative AI
DAIR Institute, Collective Action School and Collective Action in Tech

Gathered during the Generative AI hype cycle, this collection of worker perspectives is a window into the complex relationship between workers and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies we use (or are forced to use) and produce, but also resist and subvert…

Each worker interviewed for this project is intimately involved in shaping the future of AI across all aspects of work and society. The collaborators that conducted these interviews and crafted this zine are an interdisciplinary group of researchers, workers, and artists who believe that AI will reflect the faults, biases, and harms of the status quo — until we work together to demand participation and ownership.

Why this zine ? Why now?

We started this zine in 2023, seeing the very real ways workers were organizing with/against AI, as well as in our own workplaces and industries that were pushing for us to use or otherwise center Generative AI tools. We wanted to create a zine that centers worker responses as well as the real and present impacts – not just another pie in the sky, top-down, policy report or framework.

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A Worker Perspective With Willy Solis

“It’s really important for workers to gain back power and the only way to do that is to organize.” (Gig Workers Collective)