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January 25, 2021

Announcing the Collective Action in Tech Fellowship

We’re looking for tech workers, researchers, journalists and content creators who want to tell the stories of collective action in tech in the Global South.
Over the past year, we've archived hundreds of collective actions in tech.

Perspectives →

Sharing the stories of workers on the ground. 

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Tools, tactics, and learnings for organizers across the industry.

Analysis →

Understanding the tech worker movement.

Building worker power in the tech industry


The ABC’s of Google’s New Union

An explainer on non-contract unions, how workers at Alphabet are using this structure to build and maintain power, and why you should too.

Invitation to Contribute: Worker Perspectives

Through experimentation and open-ended dialogue, we want to create a space for us to reflect the tech worker movement’s past and invent its future. Can you help us make that happen?

Tech workers are workers too

Tech workers can and should fight the oppression and exploitation both within their companies and inflicted by their companies with the technology they build.

Solidarity Onboarding

An onboarding kit for organizing tech from one coworker to another. Made with organizers of Google, WeWork, Kickstarter & more!